Hot Mama: Yoko Inoue

It’s not about being perfect—it’s about being yourself.

Yoko Inoue Photographer Yoko Inoue, and her husband, Daniel Dror, moved to Japan in 2011 with the plan to stay for a year. After living in New York since 1995, and having their first child in the city, they wanted their son, Motoki, to experience the other half of his heritage. Despite having their belongings in storage back in the States, the family fell in love with the good food, slow pace and quality of life in Japan. They bought some land and started building their dream home on the banks of the Asahi River. They've since added a second son to the mix and Yoko spends her days working as a freelance photographer, studying yoga and experimenting with cooking classes while the boys enjoy exploring the countryside and studying traditional Japanese arts. She jokes, “back in America, I’d be a soccer mom—here, I’m a Kendo mom!” Yoko Inoue Motherhood Tip Yoko Inoue