Boost Your Energy with Three Quick Fixes from Red Flower

Beauty Entrepreneur Yael Alkalay shows that small moments have the power to heal.

If you are stressed, fatigued or your immune system is low, here are Yael Alkalay’s three quick fixes to make you feel fresh and reinvigorated.

Bathtub & Candles
Take a bath with salts and a candle
Red Flower’s Birch Soaking Plunge is made with juniper berries, which reduce inflammation (one of the key components of stress.) Light an Ocean candle made from a blend of eucalyptus, clove, and cardamom oils which are known to stimulate brain activity and help to calm and clarify.
Rice Buff
Shower with a rice buff and apply oil
Rub a Wild Cherry Blossom rice buff head to toe in a circular motion in the shower. This will increase blood flow and gently exfoliate your whole body. When you get out of the shower, indulge your body in Red Flower’s Kinmoxei Wild Lime Silk Oil. The oil is taken from a tiny golden flower that only blooms for 10 days a year in the southern part of Japan. I can vouch that the Kinmoxei flower is the most remarkable floral smell nature has to offer!
Face Mist
Refresh with a mist and face serum
For the woman on the go, carry the Vita Flower Mist and Illuminating Rose Serum. The mist tones the skin and adds hydration coming from the core essence of the flower while the serum enhances collagen and fully awakens skin. I love layering these two products.