How to Boost Your Workplace Confidence

Career counselor Rachael Bozsik is back with more expert advice for interns.

From Rachael: Confidence plays a crucial role in a woman's ability to succeed. With it, your aspirations are achievable. Without it, you remain powerless and stagnant. As an intern, the office environment can be intimidating, but with confidence, you'll get so much more out of your experience. You'll feel empowered to ask questions, share your own ideas, and connect with your supervisors. Here are a few ways to pump yourself up.How to Boost Your Workplace Confidence

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1. Shine a light on your limiting beliefs

It is time for you to get out of your own way. You know that little voice in your head that says, “You aren’t pretty enough, you don’t have the education or your voice isn't worth sharing?" These statements are known as limiting beliefs and they have the overwhelming power to keep you small, hold you back or, even scarier, provide you comfort in the form of an excuse. If you tell yourself you're not good enough to succeed, you won't succeed. Take a moment to get clear on what your beliefs are and how they have hindered your personal growth. The wonderful thing about shining a raw light on these beliefs is we can choose to change them if they no longer serve us.

2. Retrain your brain

Now that you're aware of your internal dialogue, you can train your brain to be more confidence prone. I adore the thought-leader Gabrielle Bernstein who recommends that every time you catch yourself going into a negative space, you say, “Stop. This is not working for me, and I choose to see things differently.” When you reflect and become self-aware, major growth spurts in confidence can begin.

3. Create a confidence-boosting committee

Upon embarking on your new (and exciting!) confidence expedition, remember that there will be difficult times when your limiting beliefs decide they want to join you at work or visit you in bed first thing in the morning. Call for backup! Think of three people you can call upon when that negative voice is in your head. Enlist them to protect you from listening to thoughts that keep you small.

4. Uncover your special factor

All the world wants is for you to share your authentic self: the real you, the you that your family sees, and the you that you go to sleep with each night. That should take the pressure off of feeling like your talents need to be something you create—you already have something to offer just by being yourself. Write down 10 occasions this week when you felt alive, rejuvenated, or part of something larger than yourself. Once you have 10 items, start looking for the common themes. These themes are your calling. They are your special factor.

5. Celebrate successes

Confidence is a muscle that must be flexed in order to grow. Through research, we know that confidence is built through a series of “YES, I did it moments.” These moments occur when you step into your feminine power and participate in life. It is important to note that you must shift your perception and try to view each experience, whether it appears outwardly successful or not, for exactly what it is—an experience. By doing this, you take away the “fear factor” in trying. That experience is already everything it needs to be. I challenge you to step into your truth two times this week by sharing your vision during a meeting, striking up a conversation with a stranger, being clear on your work/home life boundaries, etc.

Rachael Bozsik is a millennial entrepreneur, confidence strategist and the CEO and founder of The Brand Girls, a workshop focused on helping young women shift the way they think about themselves and their professional potential.
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