5 Essential Body Language Secrets

Actions speak louder than words.

5 Essential Body Language Secrets

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1. Take up space

When you take up space (standing up straight, arms relaxed), you appear more confident and powerful. When you diminish your body to take up less space (arms crossed, hunched over), you’re sending signals of weakness and self-consciousness.

2. Lower your vocal pitch

People with low-pitched voices are generally perceived as more competent and powerful. Try to speak at your voice's natural low pitch, but don’t push it any lower than that—you want to feel comfortable.

3. Play copycat

When you mirror someone’s body language, it shows them that you’re on the same page. You may even find yourself doing this unintentionally with people you’re really close with. For example, when you’re chatting with your best friend, you may both lean toward each other or cross your legs. Matching a person’s posture shows that you understand them.

4. Use “sticky eyes”

When you’re speaking with someone, glue your eyes to theirs. Even after they’ve finished speaking, don’t break eye contact quickly. Instead, do so slowly, as if you’re stretching a sticky taffy until it breaks. Studies have shown that people feel respect and fondness toward co-workers who do this.

5. Strike a power pose

Before you go into a job interview or important meeting, take 30 seconds to stand in a quasi-superwoman pose: feet spread apart, hands on your hips and head held high. As ridiculous as it may seem, you’ll leave feeling like you can do anything—and your boss, potential employer or colleagues will feel that way about you, too.

Image courtesy of Ivanka Trump
Photographer: Nathan Kraxberger
Model: Tova Wåhlin
Trump Models Hair: Glamsquad
Makeup: Shirley Pinkson, W3LL People