Weekly Clicks: How to Work From Anywhere

For commuters, business travelers, remote workers—and everyone in between.

Weekly Clicks: How to Work From Anywhere

1. Keep your charge

Shop our chargeable handbags to stay plugged-in on the go.

2. Travel the world

If your job can be done from anywhere, join Remote Year, which takes groups around the world—work hours at wifi-enabled spots are built right into the far-flung itinerary.

3. Take a cue from our editorial director

Sarah works remotely from New Mexico and flies to our NYC office once a month. Check out her home office and learn more about her job.

4. Find caffeine and wifi

Tell this nifty site what city you’re working in, and it’ll tell you where the Internet-enabled coffee shops are.

5. Pack it all up

The founders of our favorite luggage company tell us how they pack their bags and stay productive on the plane. (P.S. Their chargeable carry-on is a business traveler’s dream.)

6. Get a signal from anywhere

Carry Wifi in your bag with Karma, and connect your phone to any local cell network using this handy (and genius) sticker.

7. Negotiate your remote hours

Entrepreneur in Residence and executive coach Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin shared her advice for talking to your boss about flex time and remote work.

8. Protect your privacy

Keep your information safe in unknown Wifi networks with these tips.

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