Weekly Clicks: Hack Your Winter Commute

You have to come out of hibernation five days a week—make it a little more bearable.

Weekly Clicks: Cold Weather Commute

1. Embrace the puffer

Our design director shares her advice for making yours look chic.

2. Stay beautiful

Makeup artist and founder of ABLE Cosmetics, Dana Rae, shared her top winter beauty hacks.

3. Outsource your parking

If you live in a big city, odds are there’s never a parking spot near your building. Download Luxe for on-demand, affordable valet parking and skip the freezing cold walk from your spot to your apartment.

4. Stock up on lip balm

Into the Gloss rounds up the best of the best that’ll stand up to your walk to work.

5. Start your engines

Get a few easy hacks for getting your car to start in sub-freezing temps.

6. Minimize your outdoor wait time

Find out exactly when the next subway is coming to avoid the dreaded 20-minute, 20-degree wait.

7. Distract yourself

When all else fails, drown out visions of frostbite with a great podcast.

Photograph by Saul Leiter