The Spill: What’s Up Moms

Peek inside Meg, Brooke and Elle's handbags, to see what these stylish moms—and #WomenWhoWork—carry throughout the day.

Meg Resnikoff, Brooke Mahan and Elle Walker are the brains behind the brilliant, hilarious, informative, approachable (we could go on), YouTube channel What’s Up Moms, where they create videos to inspire, entertain and educate moms everywhere. They filled us in on what they’ve learned from building their (rapidly growing, super mom-friendly) business and also very generously let us peek inside their bags. Take a look for yourself!


The Hands-Free Crossbody

Meg Resnikoff
Co-Founder, What’s Up Moms

The Hands-Free Crossbody IVANKA TRUMP COLLECTION: Perforated Turner Pancake Bag, Rio Credit Card Holder

I’ve got three kids, which means I need my hands to be free at all times, so a crossbody is ideal. I keep a diaper in there for emergencies along with a small plastic bag with a couple of wipes. I’ve always got sanitizer, screen wipes, lip balm and my wallet, which is constantly overflowing with receipts (I do a weekly clean-out). I carry my phone, which is stocked with photos, videos and kid apps. I also like to have an energy bar on-hand, as well as a pair of toe socks in case I can sneak in a barre or pilates class. And, of course, somewhere in there are the inevitable cracker crumbs from my kids’ snacks.


The Everything-But-The-Kitchen-Sink Tote

Brooke Mahan
Partner, What’s Up Moms

The Everything-But-The-Kitchen-Sink Tote Ivanka Trump Collection: Charging Perforated Turner Shopper and Bedminster Wallet

I like to be prepared for anything, so a large tote is my go-to. I’ve always got my essentials—my wallet, sunglasses, lip gloss, hand lotion, hair ties and breath mints—and my son’s essentials, which I keep in a clear pouch. I put hand sanitizer, wipes, extra undies, Band-Aids, tissues and an activity book in there for him. I carry a small notebook and pen at all times—I have to write everything down or else I’ll forget. I keep LOTS of snacks in my bag, as well, because I’m pregnant and my son is three, so one of us is always hungry.


The Roomy Satchel

Elle Walker
Co-Founder, What’s Up Moms

The Roomy Satchel Ivanka Trump Collection: Turner Satchel and Bedminster Wallet I tend to carry a pared-down version of our office in my bag—I’ve got a leftover printed script from our last shoot and the bathroom key I accidentally took from work. I also have earbuds, for watching our videos on my phone, as well as my favorite lip gloss. I keep granola bars on-hand for myself and my kids, and I always have a random assortment of dinosaur or princess figures in there, too!


Images Courtesy of Ivanka Trump Photographer: Nathan Kraxberger
Soft Stylist: Phyllis Evans Baker