What Does an Office and Project Manager Do?

Meet the organized, thoughtful person who keeps #TeamIvanka on track.

From Vanessa:
I’m a California native, so after college I moved back to LA for a bit. Katie, who I knew from the time my family spent living in Florida, thought of me for the open office and project manager position—after a month of interviews with the team, I packed up everything and moved to NYC to join Team Ivanka! I had spent a summer here as an intern in college. Getting this job was the blinking light telling me that New York was meant to be. My role is unique in that I’m not associated with one particular department. I’m involved in almost every part of the brand in some way. I manage day-to-day office duties, coordinate our team activities (our guest speaker series, team outings, etc.), organize our accounting and billing and oversee the creative team’s projects to ensure they have everything they need to complete their tasks on time. I'm the first one in each morning to make sure the coffee is made, the conference room is set up for meetings, supplies are stocked and the office looks nice. I aim to be of assistance to everyone in the office whenever help is needed, which could mean everything from shipping out boxes and creating PowerPoint decks for meetings to researching experts speaker series and buying props for photoshoots.

My role requires a lot of time management, proactive thinking and intense organization. I wear so many different hats, so my brain has to switch from filing invoices one moment to getting the office ready for new interns the next. If you're not too sure on where exactly you'd fit into the industry yet, a position like mine is great for getting your hands on a little bit of everything. There's not a single person in this office that I don't admire. Everyone is so enthusiastic and unique, and it's super uplifting and motivating to constantly be around. My favorite thing about my position is getting to work and interact with all departments in the company, big or small. I have a broad sense of how this business is run and why things are done the way they are.

My advice to someone who's looking to get into fashion is to take on as many internships as possible and make sure they're meaningful. That means working for a company or agency that you genuinely like—and will also take the task of teaching you seriously. I also can't stress enough how important it is to make friends with everyone you meet—not just in the fashion industry! You never know who might be your connection for a new job opening. From #TeamIvanka's Desk: Office & Project Manager Vanessa Ruiz

1. We have really nice candles around the office, and on special days I’ll light one up with these matches from Hay.

2. Using this calculator is fun for me, and it's also helpful when for my accounting work.

3. I'm a sucker for a photo booth moment. These are my best friends from back home in LA.

4. I carry these two notebooks from Moleskine and Poppin around with me and write everything down. The bigger one is for work, and the smaller one is for my personal life.

5. I have a huge sweet tooth, and having Milk Bar on our block isn't helping me break the habit.

6. I have 17 plants and counting at home, and having this little guy at my desk is comforting.

7. We're a growing team, and the office can feel really busy at times. When I need to focus on a project, I pop my headphones in to listen to music.

8. I organize all the birthdays here in the office. They're small (though thoughtful!) get-togethers, but it's probably my favorite thing to do here.

9. The Brita Pump is, hands-down, the most-worn shoe in my closet right now.

10. Receipts, invoices...all of that can get chaotic if I don't keep it organized. I love these Poppin folders.

11. Lip balm, hand cream and face mist—I use these religiously all day, every day!