Weekly Clicks: Valentine’s Day

Get in the mood.

Weekly Clicks: Valentine’s Day

1. Get schooled

Psychologist and Entrepreneur in Residence Lauren Hazzouri shares her incredibly wise relationship advice for millennials.

2. Hear from an inspiring couple

Suelyn Farel, who works alongside her husband daily on their growing venture, shares her advice on staying happily married to your business partner—it’ll give you the warm-and-fuzzies.

3. Speaking of warm-and-fuzzies

Garance Doré is sharing her engagement story (congrats, Garance!) in multiple parts. Expect not only sweet anecdotes, but also unexpected wisdom on the ups and downs of singlehood and dating.

4. Get date-ready

Whether you’re meeting your girlfriends for drinks or keeping it low-key with your S.O., natural-looking makeup never fails.

5. Make an epic brunch

And eat it in bed. The founders of Huckle & Goose (and new Entrepreneurs in Residence!) shared a brunch-in-bed menu that’ll be just as delicious any time of day—and way better than trying to get a reservation.

6. Listen up

Get in the mood for love with this podcast, an extension of The New York Times’ always excellent “Modern Love” columns.

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