Valentine’s Dinner In

Enjoy an amazing meal from the hottest kitchen in town—yours.

This year, we've resolved to stay in for Valentine's and treat ourselves to a delicious feast. Whether you’ve got an hour to pull the whole thing together, you’re spending Saturday afternoon in the kitchen with your love or you’re whipping up dinner for your girlfriends, these menus from Food52 promise to make it a meal to remember.  

Keep It Simple

Do a twist on the classics with homemade fries and gussied-up (but quick and easy) burgers. Best served after a casual date, like bowling or ice skating.



Bring The Fancy Dinner Home

Try an easier-than-it-seems roast, balanced by a bright, citrusy salad. Best served with candles and cloth napkins.



Hang Out With Girlfriends

Make this tasty dinner and nostalgic dessert (or scrap the whole thing, order pizza and pop open the bubbly). Best served after seeing Fifty Shades of Grey.


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