Throw a Valentine’s Day Cookie Decorating Party

Follow the lead of our president, Abigail Klem, who threw one for her exuberant, fun-loving daughter, Georgia.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for grown-ups. This year, our president, Abigail Klem, planned an adorable bash for her daughter, and one of our littlest #TeamIvanka members Georgia—who invited all of her galentines for an afternoon of munching, giggling and cookie decorating. Thrown after school, the girls enjoyed everything from the sugary icing and heart-shaped sprinkles to their super-cute mini aprons. Snag a few ideas from the party below—you won’t be able to resist throwing one for yourself!

1. The Invitations

When on a time-crunch and a budget, Paperless Post is always our go-to. Georgia sent her girlfriends a heart-shaped invite in a red envelope. With so many options and real-time RSVPs, you can keep track of your guest list seamlessly. Throw a Valentine’s Day Cookie Decorating Party

2. The Decor

To complement the red and pink theme, Abigail bought a linen runner and heart-shaped melamine plates. A bold cake stand makes a great centerpiece (and display for the undecorated cookies and ingredients). Since Georgia really wants a puppy, these glasses hand-painted with pooches were a great compromise. And don’t think the girls go home empty-handed—personalized buckets can be filled with the treats on the table when it’s time to say goodbye. Throw a Valentine’s Day Cookie Decorating Party Throw a Valentine’s Day Cookie Decorating Party

3. The Sweets and Eats

This easy sugar cookie recipe by Alton Brown is the ideal canvas for the kids’ creativity to run wild. Use this cookie cutter set from Williams Sonoma to create the perfect heart shapes and be sure to provide many different kinds of sprinkles and icing (we got ours from Whisk!). Of course, we can’t forget dinner. The candy came in bulk from the cult-favorite Economy Candy—including jelly beans, foiled chocolates and the obligatory conversation hearts (Georgia’s orders!). Throw a Valentine’s Day Cookie Decorating Party

4. The Outfits

For your little bakers to really play the part, they’ll need pint-sized red aprons. Georgia is wearing a monogrammed version over her puffy-sleeved, heart-printed dress. Throw a Valentine’s Day Cookie Decorating Party 2.10_Valentines_Party_post6