Five Ways To Stay Healthy On The Road

Between airport food and the temptation to indulge at every turn, it’s tough to travel without gaining a pound or two (or three). Follow these five tips to get the most out of your trip—and stay in shape while you're at it.
Five Ways To Stay Healthy on The Road

1. Bring your own food on the plane

Stop at your deli or Whole Foods before heading to the airport, and load up at the salad bar. As tempting as that questionable chicken they’re serving on-board may be, you’ll be glad you skipped it when you arrive at your destination feeling fresh and satisfied, rather than weighed down and bloated.

2. Use your mini-fridge

When you arrive at your destination, stop at a grocery store for fruits and vegetables, and stock your mini-fridge with healthy snacks. Even if you plan to eat out a lot, you’ll at least have some control over what you’re putting in your body during your stay if you’ve got fresh produce at your disposal.

3. Avoid the “but I’m on vacation!” line

Traveling for pleasure means indulging in a few incredible meals (after all, eating is one of the best ways to explore a new place). It does not have to mean throwing your health goals aside for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Keep at least two of your three daily meals light, and save your splurges for something really special.

4. Choose your booze wisely

When you’re traveling, whether for work or vacation, there are excuses to drink at every turn. Drinks with dinner! Post-meeting happy hour! A romantic nightcap! It’s a lot, and it adds up quickly. Avoid drinks made with soda, and opt for one with tonic, club soda or fresh fruit juice—or skip the mixers altogether and get a glass of wine.

5. Sneak in a workout

If you’re traveling for work, use Beautified to book workout classes wherever you are or try this strength training workout from John Henwood, the Olympic athlete and running coach who got #TeamIvanka in shape for a half-marathon—you can do it in your hotel room without any equipment. If you’re exploring a new city, find fun opportunities to work out. Rent bikes in Amsterdam, take dance classes in Colombia or go for a run along the Seine in Paris—you get the idea.


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