The Beauty Beat: Best Travel Products

These skincare selects from our team are TSA-approved.

If you’re like us, you scour the Internet daily to see what new beauty products can be added to your bathroom vanity. Right now, though, we’re more interested in filling our toiletry bags for travel season. Whether curing a post-flight breakout or hydrating your cuticles pre-landing, these top 14 products are truly first class.

Face Refreshers

Remove all your makeup, oil and grime with hydrating wipes before takeoff to prevent any unnecessary clogging.

An Undereye Concealer

Hop into the airport bathroom upon landing to cover up and conceal tired eyes.

A Travel Hairbrush

Small and compact enough to throw in your bag; strong enough to detangle the beachiest knots.

A Hair Pick-Me-Up

Give your strands a lift after a long flight. With one spritz, this formula adds volume and deodorizes when you can’t actually shampoo.

An Acne Fighter

Combat pesky blemishes and bacteria post-flight with this potent pink sulfur treatment.

A Tiny Cleanser

In a travel size of 1.7 ounces (fitting the 3.4 TSA standard), Fresh’s facial cleanser is great for all skin types.  

A Little Aromatherapy

Relax with an invigorating scent that will lift your mood and eradicate any turbulence-inducing anxiety.

Solid Perfume

Opt for a fragrance in solid form to take you through your vacation. Plus, this version lasts up to six hours.

Cuticle Salve

Don't snag your cuticles—make your manicure last longer with easily packable moisturizing balm.

Lightweight Sunblock

Guard yourself from strong UV rays, even if you’re not in the window seat.

Luxe Tweezers

We’re obsessed with this matte black pair that’s just as cool as it is practical for emergency plucking.

A Germ Killer

Wipe down your phone, tablet and eyeglasses to keep your skin clean and clear.

Your Wake-Up Call

With a minty scent, this energizing mist tones, tightens pores and gives you a healthy glow.

A Dreamy Mask

Skip packing a hefty jar in your suitcase and instead throw a water-replenishing sheet mask in your carry-on. Trick: use it right before you snooze to counteract plane pressure and lack of air flow.