The Spill: Personal Branding Consultant Rachael Bozsik

The on-the-go entrepreneur shares what’s in her bag.

Rachael Bozsik is the founder of The Brand Girls, where she runs workshops for soon-to-be graduates on personal branding, career development and networking. She shared her must-haves for working on the go with us, as well as her advice for avoiding the inevitable post-grad panic. The Spill: Personal Branding Consultant Rachael Bozsik From the Ivanka Trump Collection: Chargeable Turner Shopper (shop similar here)

From Rachael: I always carry my laptop with me—I feel like it’s my best friend. My laptop’s in my bed; my laptop’s at the coffee shop; my laptop is literally on my lap right now. I just got this copper Ikea USB reading lamp to plug into it, which is great for working on the go. I also carry my Gigi agenda with me, as well as a beautiful pen from my boss at my first internship. He told me that everyone who’s going to run a successful company needs a good pen—he took me under his wing and taught me so much, and I want to do that for other girls. I only bring it out for big meetings. I keep Tazo white tea with me because I like to have something warm to drink, and it doesn’t have too much caffeine. I also have a Sephora lip balm and lots of GNC multi-vitamin packs. I’m running around working for myself and consulting on the side, so I tend to carry my whole life in my bag.

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