The Skills Recruiters Really Look For

Brush up on your small talk—it’s more important than you think.

The Skills Recruiters Really Look For


1. Communication is key

Employers value your ability to speak articulately and write clean emails, according to Bloomberg’s poll, in which 70% of recruiters said they value communication skills above all else.

2. Be a team player

Results from the study show that being able to collaborate with a team, work efficiently in groups and generally get along with your co-workers is incredibly important—surprisingly, even more so than qualities like industry-related experience.

3. Stand out from the crowd

In the same study by Bloomberg, recruiters were asked which skills were most difficult to find among job applicants. The top responses were strategic thinking, creative problem-solving and leadership skills.

4. Bottom line?

While your prior work experience may make you qualified for the role, that’s not all you should be focusing on as you market yourself for a new job opportunity. Instead, make a point of showing off your communication, social, problem-solving and leadership skills.

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