An Interior Decorator’s Thanksgiving Tablescape

Allison Domonoske thinks beyond the conventional cornucopia.

Allison Domonoske, the creative force behind Alli Domo Interiors, added fabric swatches and flooring ideas to her sixth grade math project. With an impeccable eye for decorating, it comes as no surprise that she later attended the University of Texas for a degree in merchandising and the Art Institute of Houston for interior design.

After working in the magazine world and at her family’s commercial real estate business, she became a stay-at-home mom in 2012 to care for her newborn. It wasn’t until she visited our site in 2014 that she felt motivated by our mission to pursue her passion, return to work and open her own interior design business.

This year, the stylish mother of two from South Carolina is building a new home. She’ll be spending Thanksgiving by her parents, but that's not enough take her away from her decór duties. Of course, it’s always her job to set the table.

Below, Allison shares with us her beautiful, bold and unexpected Thanksgiving tablescape (money-saving tips included!).

Start with a timeless centerpiece

I wanted a centerpiece that could stay on the kitchen island and last without going out of style. I’ve kept this huge antique shell for about three years and they’re everywhere right now in home décor. When it’s time for Christmas or Hanukkah, you can switch out the pumpkins for another accent. Last year, I filled the entire clam shell with tiny pink and turquoise ornaments.  

Be different

I found my pumpkins in Nashville and thought they were unique-looking. One of them is a dark grey color. I also bought balloon-plant milkweed: large, green, ball-like flowers. They last a couple of weeks and dry with a little pod in them.

Find materials in nature

I picked up the pine cones outside with my kids and finished off the shell with moss, twine and driftwood that I found at the beach. I love mixing really nice pieces with natural elements and have them play off of each other. For example, I balanced my expensive Astier dishes by placing little pumpkins on top and the overall look is still classic and classy.

Create DIY placements

In the world of decorating, brush strokes and watercolor fabrics are very popular. For my placements, I found fabric that was designed by an artist online. I bought a yard of it and had it sewn into placemats. I’ve also seen a lot of wrapping paper in fun colors that you can laminate.

Aim for affordable

The napkins are from World Market, which is inexpensive and they usually have any color you want. Green went perfectly with the centerpiece and placemats. To style them, place them underneath one of the plates. The gold silverware, also from World Market, have a fall look and pop against the placemats. The crystal glasses are Waterford. For the dishes, you can mix an expensive brand like Astier with a more budget-friendly one like Vietri or Target.