Half-Marathon? Check!

The race, as captured on our iPhones.

We ran a half-marathon yesterday! After five months of planning, three months of training (with Olympic athlete John Henwood, no less) and a week of carb-o-loading, we did it. Some of us are already talking about our next race, while others will never run that far again—but we’re all so proud to have a achieved this goal. It was incredible to run with our team, along with 10,000 other badass women. Running on pure adrenaline (and a big sense of accomplishment) we spent whatever energy we had left after the race at our Director of Marketing, Melanie’s, apartment feasting on her mom’s homemade mac and cheese and showing off our bling—we're pretty sure modeling Ivanka's medal was Arabella's favorite part of the day! Check out the photos from the amazing day—we’ll be here at Ivanka Trump HQ stretching our sore muscles and loading up on ibuprofen. Ivanka Trump Half Marathon #TeamIvanka Half Marathon Ivanka Trump Jared Kushner and children Half Marathon #TeamIvanka Half Marathon #TeamIvanka Half Marathon Ivanka Trump Half Marathon #TeamIvanka Half Marathon Ivanka Trump Half-Marathon

Photos courtesy of MORE/FITNESS/SHAPE Women’s Half-Marathon and our friends and family! Thanks for coming out to support us!