Weekly Clicks: Summer Getaways

Plan your warm-weather adventures.

Weekly Clicks: Summer Getaways

1.Find inspiration

Deciding where to go is one of the best parts! Scroll through the beautiful travel site, 12 Hours, to get some ideas.

2. Save your bank account

Travel to these five destinations is surprisingly inexpensive this summer.

3. Map it out

Drop your destination into Rome2Rio, and the site will show you every possible way to get from point A to point B (and C and D and E).

4. Pack your bags

See where women with awesome style are going—and what they’re packing.

5. Do your homework

Try a guidebook that goes beyond the usual touristy spots.

6. Spring for the Apple Watch

It may be the best travel accessory you've ever had.

7. Eat your heart out

Let’s be honest—the best part of visiting a new place is sampling the food. Get Bon Appetit’s guide to where and what to eat.


Photographer: Nathan Kraxberger Prop Stylist: Angharad Bailey