Weekly Clicks: Summer PTO Handbook

You’ve worked hard—make the most of your well-deserved time off.

Weekly Clicks: Summer PTO Handbook  

1. Ask for your days off thoughtfully

Starting a new job? Learn how (and when) to request summer PTO.

2. Bring the whole crew

Book a trip to one of these family-friendly travel destinations.

3. Travel with kids, stress-free

Rosie Pope shared her advice for vacationing with little ones.

4. Make a list and check it twice

Heed Business Insider’s advice on what to do before your PTO (hint: create a vacation-specific outgoing voicemail).

5. Avoid vacation guilt

Don’t be a part of the 40% of people who leave vacation days unused; say bon voyage to your vacation guilt and really enjoy your PTO.

6. Pack perfectly

Steal packing tips from the founders of Away (and print our downloadable packing list!).

7. Don’t take your Friday afternoons for granted

Brush up on your summer Friday etiquette, and remember that those leisurely afternoons off are a privilege, not a right.


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