Consider Your Summer Fashion Emergencies Solved

Stylist Nycole Sariol divulges a few tricks of the trade—guaranteed to keep you ship-shape in the office and after hours.

Fashion Emergencies Diptych6 Nothing puts a damper on a perfect summer day like an awkward wardrobe malfunction. Luckily, wrinkled silk and spilled sangria are no match for Miami-based stylist Nycole Sariol's arsenal of quick fashion fixes. Bookmark her tips for smooth sailing (literally) all summer long.

Sangria The Solve: I've heard it all—club soda and salt, hydrogen peroxide, white wine—and though these tricks may work sometimes, I swear by milk. Tend to the stain immediately after it happens. Blot it with milk using a washcloth or paper towel, and then go back and soak it again with more milk. In an hour or less, the stain will disappear!
Whites white The Solve: It's tempting to go to town on our discolored whites with lots of bleach, but when overused, it can actually weaken the fibers on your favorite garments over time. Instead, add a half-cup to a cup of lemon juice to your detergent to give your whites a fresh lift, then air dry them in direct sunlight.


Bra Straps
The Solve: Pulling up your bra straps every two minutes gets old really fast. I use Hollywood Fashion Secrets Bra Converting Clips to securely clip my straps together in back. If you’re on the go and don't have one on you, a paperclip is good in a pinch.
Static Everywhere
The Solve: Use safety pins to prevent static before it even starts driving you crazy. Pin four or five to the seams on both sides of your clingy pants, dress or skirt. The metal helps discharge the static.



Hot Date
The Solve: The deodorant stains are easy to get out. Rub another part of your garment onto the stained area, and use a dry sponge to instantly zap up any remaining residue. Stick garment shields to the inner armpit of your shirt for some serious blocking power against moisture and odors.
The Solve: I get it—not everyone has a steamer on them at all times. Wrinkle Wiz will do the trick. Spray the wrinkled area on your garment, stretch it out with your hand or lay it flat on a table and rub it in a downwards motion with your (clean!) hand, leaving nary a wrinkle to see the light of day.

Photographer: Nathan Kraxberger Prop Stylist: Randi Brookman Harris