Weekly Clicks: Stress Relief

Take a deep breath and try some of these anxiety-reducing recommendations.

Weekly Clicks: Stress Relief

1. Get creative

Sharpen your pencils and break out an adult coloring book, it's proven to keep you calm.

2. Meditate

Book a group meditation class or try it on your own using the Calm app.

3. Float your troubles away

Sensory deprivation tanks—in which you float in saltwater for an extended period of time—are increasing in popularity for their calming effects.

4. Prepare for inevitable stressors

Entrepreneur in Residence Dr. Samantha Boardman gives us key insights about how to inoculate yourself against stress.

5. Head to the kitchen

Ditch your dinner reservation—cooking reduces anxiety (and has tons of other health benefits!).

6. Stretch it out

Try these stress-reducing yoga poses to recenter yourself after a long day.

7. Be present

Psychologist and Entrepreneur in Residence Dr. Lauren Hazzouri shares her advice for staying mindful.

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