Your Beauty Products Should Be Half the Size

The Stowaway co-founders make the case.

Stowaway Co-Founders Julie Fredrickson and Chelsa Crowley Like most brilliant ideas, Stowaway was hatched as the solution to a problem. Co-founders Julie Fredrickson and Chelsa Crowley, after meeting through mutual friends, were chatting about their makeup woes over breakfast. Julie, an on-the-go entrepreneur, struggled to find quality products that she could easily carry around. Chelsa, a makeup artist, was frustrated by the fact that she could never seem to finish a product before it expired—who wants to spend $40 on a mascara that will dry up before it's finished? “We’re not the kinds of girls who complain about something without trying to find a solution,” says Julie. “We decided we would go forward and make a really nice product that we were proud of, in a portable size that we could actually finish. We started fundraising right away.” Stowaway has been alive for just a few months, and it’s already been welcomed by tons of women who want, as the co-founders put it, “makeup you love in sizes you can carry—and finish.” They call their products “right-size” not "mini"—you buy them, you carry them around with ease, you finish them and voila! You've gotten your money’s worth out of them. Stowaway cosmetics When asked why it’s so important to toss our expired products, Chelsa’s answer is simple. “You would never drink spoiled milk. Why would you put spoiled products on your body?” Gross. Using makeup and skincare items that have gone bad exposes you to nasty bacteria that can cause rashes, infections and breakouts. (Not to mention the fact that, in order to prolong the shelf-life of that big tube of mascara, the manufacturers have to add all kinds of harmful preservatives that you'd never find in a Stowaway product.) Are you holding onto way-too-old beauty products? Probably. We did some digging into the average shelf life of your favorite products, and the numbers may surprise you.

Toss Your Nasty, Expired Makeup

3 Month Expiration

3 Months

Mascara Makeup Sponge & Blender 12 Month Expiration

1 Year

Foundation Blush Concealer Eyeliner Lip Gloss Lip Liner 24 Month Expiration

2 Years

Lipstick Eyeshadow Powder Moisturizer Nail Polish Bronzer