Keep This SOS Kit on Hand for Summer Weddings

Becca Brown, co-founder of Solemates, divulges her favorite problem-solving products.

Summer Weddings The founders of Solemates are dedicated to solving problems; it’s why they started their business. Becca Brown and Monica Ferguson originally launched their company with a single product—the High Heeler—designed to stop their shoes from sinking into the grass. It’s no surprise, then, that the creative duo has a few tricks up their sleeve. We asked Becca to pull together the ultimate emergency kit for summer wedding season. Whether you’re a bride, a bridesmaid or a guest, this well-stocked bag will ensure you enjoy the evening (bonus: it makes a super sweet gift!). An SOS Wedding Kit

1. The Perfect Clutch

Bright and versatile, this minaudiere promises to take you through the season in style. It comes with a chain shoulder strap for hands-free functionality, and it’s the perfect size to fit all of our favorite essentials.

2. Solemates High Heelers

Most weddings have an outdoor component between the ceremony, cocktails, photo ops and the reception, so keep a pair of High Heelers on hand to keep your shoes from sinking into the grass and getting stuck in the cobblestones.

3. Wine Wipes

We spend so much time trying to keep our pearly whites white, but wedding wine and cocktails can wreak havoc on our smiles. Keep these wipes on hand and say goodbye to stained teeth!

4. Lip Insurgence Gloss

This great summer gloss from Tarte will go with anything. It’s all-natural, with no harsh chemicals or toxic ingredients. It offers up the perfect amount of gloss without feeling heavy and it lasts a really long time on the lips.

5. Mini Drybar Triple Sec

This is the best hair product ever. It absorbs excess oil like a dry shampoo, refreshes your scalp and provides UV protection from the sun. It also smells amazing. It’s like a fragrance for your hair!

6. Blister Blocker

Weddings involve a lot of time on your feet, whether you’re standing at the altar during the ceremony or dancing the night away at the reception. Especially if you’re wearing new shoes, blisters may stop you in your tracks. We designed the Blister Blocker to create an invisible barrier on bare feet (without leaving any residue behind to stain your insoles!).

7. Stain Remover Wipes

It’s inevitable that something will get on you. Shout Wipes are a no-fail solution to ensure you don’t ruin the evening lamenting over your ruined dress.

8. Rapid Repair Kit

Touted as the ultimate in “sartorial first aid” this mini kit has everything you need to replace your date’s button or sew a bridesmaid into her dress.


Dress: Ivanka Trump Maxi Dress Photographer: Nathan Kraxberger Stylist: Nycole Sariol Hair & Makeup: Heather Blaine Model: Nicole Lodl, Next Models