What Does a Social Media Manager Do?

Meet Francesca and peek at her colorful workspace.

From Francesca:
I found my job here on Instagram! It’s fitting, since I’m the social media manager. Before that, I worked at Tommy Hilfiger for five years, first as an intern, and then as an employee. I had many different positions in the company in all different departments: public relations, advertising and digital marketing. I worked on everything and anything, as you can imagine. It helped me learn to be organized and think on my feet. My advice for soon-to-be graduates is to intern as much as you can. When I first started working I thought I would be in PR forever—but I soon switched gears and I’ve never been happier.

My job here at Ivanka Trump is to bring the brand to life on social media. I think our content is amazing and so helpful, and I love seeing how much you, our readers, enjoy it (I even send links from our site to friends who ask for advice—especially this one, this one and this one, as of late). I love that we’ve created the ultimate digital destination for all of you amazing women (and men!) who work. I spend a lot of time with our marketing and creative teams to ensure I bring the best of the best to your social feeds and oversee the daily execution of all our channels. #TeamIvanka has some of the most hard-working women I know and I’m constantly learning. I also get to see what you’re engaging with and responding to, as well as what products you’re talking about most (the Hettie Sandal is killing it right now!). Reading your comments and seeing your photos of our product is my favorite part of my job. I feel like we are all long-distance friends! Keep telling us what you want to see in the comments, and we’ll do our best to accommodate! #TeamIvanka Desk: Francesca Farrugia

1. My mom did this watercolor drawing for me. The colors go so well with my desk, and I love to have a little reminder of my family nearby.

2. The copy team got this for me on my first day. The bright colors add so much life to my desk, plus you can't miss it when you walk through the office.

3. I love my Moleskine. The red is easy to spot in my Soho Tote when I need to jot something down. The small white notebook was a holiday gift from our editorial director—I'm old school and like to write down my grocery lists and personal to-dos, and this fits in my bag perfectly.

4. Truth be told, I’m a bit superstitious, so I love an evil-eye. This particular one my roommate brought back from Greece for me. The Ganesh was a gift from a former intern after a trip to Bangladesh. Ganesh is the god of wisdom and learning, as well as the remover of obstacles. My boyfriend brought back the cheese for me after a guys’ trip to Wisconsin. Cheesy, I know ;).

5. I just got our Hopewell Satchel in white. I told myself I would wait until spring to wear, it but that clearly didn't happen. I love the shape, and it fits just enough to take me from work to happy hour with my friends.

6. Full disclosure: My workouts have been few and far between lately. I have no excuses with these cute little workout cards. I just pick out a few to do, and that keeps things interesting.

7. These Sugarwish candies were a Galentine’s Day gift from our marketing director, Melanie. I love sour candies. Dr. Simpkins would be proud they have lasted me this long—I’ve really shown some self-restraint.

8. I have a lip balm addiction. If you can recommend a good one, please tell me in the comments below!

9. I love a good thank you card. A friend gave me these recently and I keep a few at the office for last-minute notes.

10. This pen holder was a holiday gift from my boyfriend. We’re making it a priority to read more this year, so I love this little reminder.