Best Of

Our site turns one today! See our favorite posts from our first year.

Today, we’re celebrating the first year of! Since launching this site on November 3rd, 2014, we’ve been dedicated to inspiring and empowering #WomenWhoWork—at all aspects of their lives.

Ivanka Trump Soho Tote
We created products to serve #WomenWhoWork
After realizing we all struggled to find the perfect work bag, we decided to go ahead and create it ourselves. We also held an open call for design suggestions for our next ambitious project: creating the perfect crossbody.
The #TeamIvanka Half-Marathon Strategy
We ran a half-marathon
The day we launched our site, we drank one-too-many margaritas (we were celebrating!) and decided to run a half-marathon. A month later, we were training in Central Park—in the snow—with Olympic athlete and celebrated running coach John Henwood, and in April we ran 13.1 miles together in the MORE/Shape Women’s Half Marathon.
Do These Things Now to Achieve Success for the Long-Haul
We started the Entrepreneur in Residence program
Entrepreneurs in Residence are the incredibly knowledgeable, inspiring people who share their expertise on on a regular basis. Executive coach Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin kicked off the program and since then, we've added many more amazing voices to the site.
Ivanka Trump on Negotiating Like a Boss
We learned to negotiate
Ivanka herself schooled us in the art of the deal.
Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking
We mastered public speaking—or at least made some progress
Wharton Professor Adam Grant taught us how to conquer our greatest workplace fear.
A Beginner’s Guide to Investing
Alexa von Tobel made investing seem easy
The founder of LearnVest gave us a primer on investing that even a total finance newbie could put into practice.
Add Some Namaste to the Workday
We did yoga at our desks
The co-founders of MindFresh taught us a yoga sequence to help us unwind and get energized in the middle of the workday, right at our desks.
Finding Balance, One Phase at a Time
Rosie Pope taught us a new way to think about balance
The parenting expert, former star of Pregnant in Heels and Entrepreneur in Residence explained that true “balance” comes from looking at your life in phases.
A Guide to Grocery Shopping, Part 1
A nutrition coach took us grocery shopping
Ivanka’s health coach, Maria Marlowe, took the team on a field trip to Whole Foods to teach us to shop the right way, and shared her top tips on the site.
Self Care is Not Selfish
We realized the importance of taking care of ourselves
Lauren Hazzouri, a psychologist and contributor, taught us that only when we’ve taken good care of ourselves can we properly take care of others.