Save the Planet...Without Leaving Your Desk!

Save this eco-friendly checklist to your phone's lock screen as a reminder :)

Save the Planet...Without Leaving Your Desk! In honor of Earth Day, we’ve created a cheat sheet with some simple ways you can be sustainable during office hours. From turning off your screensavers to keeping a plant at your desk, there are tons of options when it comes to conserving energy and saving trees—here are 14 to start. P.S., Have other ideas? We'd love to hear them. Tell us in the comments below!

Earth Day 2017

Save the Planet from Your Desk
  • Walk, take a bike or use public transportation to get to work
  • Disable screensavers to lessen energy consumption
  • Lower the brightness on your monitor to 70% percent to save energy
  • Unsubscribe to junk mail as it hits your mailbox to reduce the waste of unwanted magazines, catalogs or papers
  • Keep a plant at your desk to improve air quality in your office
  • Cut down on trash by bringing a reusable coffee mug and lunch bag to work
  • Host meetings with emailed documents or on-screen presentations
  • Print on both sides of the paper and in black ink, when necessary
  • Shut down your computer and unplug your charger before leaving every day
  • Switch to motion-sensor lights to avoid energy wasted in an empty, lit room
  • Use your recycling bin. Don't have one? Request one on your local government’s website.
  • Buy groceries and other office essentials online. Delivery trucks produce less carbon dioxide than personal vehicles.
  • Keep locally-made snacks in your drawer to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Send an invite for a team day of garden-growing community service to restore natural areas