The Spill: Parenting Pro Rosie Pope

See what’s in her on-the-go work bag.

Parenting expert, Entrepreneur in Residence and #hotmama Rosie Pope shared her advice for going back to work post-baby this week—and divulged what she keeps in her tote when she’s on the go. The Spill: Parenting Pro Rosie Pope From the Ivanka Trump Collection: Chargeable Soho Tote From Rosie: My bag is always a little messy because I have chargers and back-up chargers for my iPhone and MacBook Air in there. I’m an office on the go and I need to stay connected to my HQ and my kids; a dead phone or laptop is not an option. I can’t work without pulling my hair back, so I always have knotted, no-crease hair ties and bobbi pins in my bag. I travel a lot and naturally have very fair/dry skin, so I love this uber-moisturizing face cream! Chanel’s Healthy Glow Foundation with SPF is great if I have to be on camera and hadn’t planned for it, if I have an event post-work or if I just want to look fresh and put-together. Keeping a bottle of Pellegrino in my bag reminds me to hydrate—I love it so much more than still water—and I always have apples and Health Warrior Chia Bars for healthy, sustaining snacks for myself and my kids. That said, I have a sweet tooth and I like to keep my little stash of mango Hi-Chews in my purse. The only problem is that my kids have figured this out; I always find them digging through my bag for them. I keep a Rosie Pope Baby receiving blanket in my bag to use as as a multi-purpose light blanket, burp cloth or breastfeeding cover-up. They’re so useful, and I love that I can wash it over and over. Tiger is a European brand that sells well-made crafts and toys. I have my family overseas send over loads of little crafts to throw in my bag for instant kiddy entertainment. I wear a lot of heels but, sometimes when I’m commuting, I just want to slip on a pair of flats. These are sparkly, easy to clean and durable enough to hold up in NYC.

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