Weekly Clicks: Road Trip

What to pack, where to go and how to survive on the open road.

Road Trip: Weekly Clicks

1. Research your route

Go on one of these iconic road trips this summer.

2. Plan your stops

Plug your starting point and destination into Roadtrippers, and the app will tell you what fun, quirky stops are on the way.

3. Have someone map it out for you

Don’t have time to plan out the trip? Sign up for Furkot and they'll do it all for you.

4. Listen to a book

Sign up for Audible.com and your first audio book is free.

5. Keep car-sickness at bay

If you get nauseous on long rides, try eating ginger candies or chewing ginger-flavored gum. Alternately, bring freshly-cut lemons from home and breathe in their scent when you start to feel queasy.

6. Play games

Download the iPhone game Evil Apples, which is basically Cards Against Humanity in app form.

7. Make your supplies

Craft these DIY road trip essentials before you go and save your money for souvenirs!


Ivanka Trump Bag: Briarcliff Drawstring Shoulder Bag Photographer: Nathan Kraxberger Prop Stylist: Randi Brookman Harris