Hot Mama: Randi Brookman Harris

Randi Brookman Harris is a self-professed perfectionist, mess maker and amasser of stuff—it’s her job.

Randi Brookman Harris Say you spy a pair of Warby Parker shades and you’re totally seduced. By the frames, yes, but also by the setting—they’re perched atop a great dog-eared novel (vintage, natch), next to a bowl of freshly poured Froot Loops (no soggy loops here), beside a cup of coffee with a great set of linens mussed up on the bed just so in the background. Before you know it, you’re heading to Warby’s site and requesting your five frames. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the work of a prop stylist who knows her stuff, and one of our favorites in the business is Randi Brookman Harris. The Brooklyn-based stylist has a roster of cool-kid clients that include Warby Parker, The New York Times, Jack Spade and West Elm. She’s also mother to a cool kid of her own: Marlowe, an irresistibly bespectacled 4-year old, who alone makes her Instagram worth following. We’re all secretly hoping the mutually stylish duo make a coffee table book of their art, which oftentimes Marlowe directs (A snake on a ski! A jellyfish wearing an eyepatch!) and Randi illustrates. Randi Brookman Harris