This Millennial Career Expert Answers Your Questions on How to Succeed in the Workplace

Rachael Bozsik, founder of The Brand Girls, empowers the next generation of women.

Rachael Bozsik, the CEO and cofounder of The Brand Girls—an organization offering customized workshops for college women, designed to instill confidence and help them realize their professional potential—came by our office for a Facebook Live session on succeeding in the workplace. In case you missed it, here are the key takeaways from Rachael. This Career Expert Answers Your Questions on How to Succeed in The Workplace

1. Showcase a poised personality and transferrable skills in an interview

When asked, “tell me something about yourself,” answer with, “I decided to follow this career path, because…” Include a childhood memory or a recent project you had an a-ha moment on. Show that you have deep roots and are really passionate about the industry. Then, highlight the top ten percent of tasks you did at your last job and include the results.

2. Stay in touch afterwards—regardless of the outcome

According to Rachael, you’ll want to keep in contact with industry leaders you meet with every three months. A good trick is to keep a networking Excel doc. In the first column, list your core contacts. In the second, write some notes about them (where their child goes to school, their vacation plans, etc.). In the third, record when you last followed up. Some easy ways to strike up conversation is to wish a happy holiday, birthday or send them a link to an article that’s relevant to their work.

3. When networking, focus on the other person

Remember that everyone wants to talk about themselves. Go into an event with the mindset that you’re going to learn about other people. Ask someone what’s new with them or inquire about future projects they may have in their pipeline. In addition, come prepared with two things that are happening in your life—a fun trip to Italy, you just got promoted, etc., so that you're not caught at a loss for words when someone turns the tables on you.

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4. Run towards the fire with the hose

To really shine at an internship or job, you need to be “solution-oriented.” That means when there’s an issue, you offer ideas on how to solve it. This is especially true at a new job, where co-workers are not expecting you to know everything about the company but they want to see your initiative.

5. Create a team of support and find mentors

In the office, look around and see who is doing work you really admire. Approach them, tell them you would love to do something similar one day and ask if you can sit in and take notes in their next meeting. Outside of the office, look on the internet and LinkedIn for people you admire. Reach out to the CEOs and VPs you like and request an informational
coffee date.

6. Maintain your individuality at work

In terms of wardrobe, you can always show your style through jewelry and accessories in a more corporate environment. When it comes to the office culture, if you’re against drinking at work and your office has Beer Cart Fridays, just make sure to engage socially. Perhaps, organize a team softball game instead!