Weekly Clicks: A Guide to Public Speaking

Face your fears and nail your next presentation.

Weekly Clicks: A Guide to Public Speaking

1. Prepare, prepare, prepare

Check everything off of our pre-presentation to-do list.

2. Track your timing

Download mPrompt, which records your practice runs and helps you keep track of your pace and delivery.

3. Train your voice

Fast Company explains the key elements that make your voice sound authoritative and professional.

4. Overcome anxiety

Adam Grant shares his advice for conquering your fear of public speaking.

5. Read up

Order a copy of pro public-speaker Scott Berkun’s funny, relatable, informative book.

6. Boost your confidence

The Coveteur shares how—in 60 seconds or less.

7. Adjust your body language

In one of Ivanka’s favorite TED Talks, Amy Cuddy shares the impact that our body language has on ourselves and the people around us.