Your Best Productivity Tips

Work smarter (not harder) this summer.

With summer well underway, many of us are busy enjoying long weekends and early (or earlier, at least!) summer Fridays. The catch? You still have to get a full week of work done. We asked you to give us your best productivity tips, and we’re sharing our favorites below. Here’s how to enjoy your summer flextime and still get it all done.
Your Productivity Tips

Do the hardest thing on your to-do list first. It will erase the dread in your day and give you a sense of accomplishment.

— @SpaQueenTiffany on Twitter

I schedule my activities, concentrate on one task at a time and take quality breaks without using my phone.

— @alinaermilova on Twitter

I take a walk when I have writer’s block.

— @SloaneSays on Twitter

Turn off your cell phone to avoid distractions.

— @BobStolzberg on Twitter

A good night sleep. Always.

— @DasAdvok8 on Twitter

Rid yourself of clutter from your work area or home.

— Susan Weilgosh on Facebook

Make a list of just three or four tasks and knock them out, then make another list. A shorter list is not overwhelming and you get that accomplished feeling which motivates you to do more!

— Jim Duggan on Facebook