Plan a Take Your Child to Work Day

Take a page from our book and create a fun-filled learning day for all.

Plan a Take Your Child to Work Day Mark your calendars—your chance to inspire the future workforce is on April 27, with Bring Your Kids to Work Day. Show your little ones what you do everyday, instill an early work ethic and help them discover their dreams with an educational day of fun at the office. Here’s how to do it:

1. Schedule it with HR

Before you start planning, make sure the event is cleared with human resources. Reach out to your HR contact to make your case—you may want to share this Senate resolution with them, signed in 2016. See if your company offers a budget for this type of event and ask if a formal letter can be drafted for parents to provide to the school, waiving their child's absence,
if required.

2. Form a brainstorming committee

Create a task force to help you conceptualize activities for the kids. Put two to three meetings on the calendar to come up with ideas, track progress and execute. Send out an invite to the entire team to let them know the date and ask them to RSVP their children on a Google Sheet. Remember that this is an educational experience so don’t allow children who are
too young.

3. Print custom business stationery

Playing pretend starts here. Ivanka Trump HQ designed some fun business cards that include a space for kids to sign
their names. We’ve also made “From the Desk Of…” stationary for our mini-me’s to write their to-do lists. Plan a Take Your Child to Work Day

4. Plan age-appropriate activities

Outline the day’s activities on an itinerary for all participants. On it, include industry-specific activities—if you’re in marketing, have younger children create a magazine collage as an ad campaign and have older children create a PowerPoint presentation. Have them stage their own Instagram posts using the day’s #CountOnMe hashtag for a foray into social media. Work at a restaurant? Let them cook a meal. Practicing law? Orchestrate a mini trial. At Ivanka Trump HQ, we’ve created a designer coloring book, a jewelry-making session and the opportunity for our children to come up with their own artistic Wise Words. We'll be documenting the day on our social channels—with the kids behind the camera. Over a team lunch, we'll hear from our honorary employees and offer each child the chance to "present" their favorite part of the experience.

5. Prepare your child the night before

Talk with your kids to set expectations for behavior, ask them what they would like accomplish and help them overcome
any shyness. Plus, let them pick their best outfit—work-appropriate, of course!

6. Treat them like a new hire

Introduce your children to your colleagues as you would a new hire. Tell them your co-workers’ names and what they do for the company as this will expose them to the different positions they can explore. Yes, this day is meant to be fun—but it's also a chance to cast a vision for the value of hard work and the limitless possibilities on the horizon. Enjoy it, mom and dad!

Download the custom business cards here. Download the custom stationery here.