Weekly Clicks: Plan for the Week Ahead

Make your Monday through Friday not suck

Weekly Clicks: Plan for the Week Ahead

1. Rethink your to-do list

One writer creates a love-to-do-list, scheduling in time for the things he enjoys (if it’s that barre class for you, so be it!).

2. Go grocery shopping

This guide shows you how to stock your pantry consciously—from reading ingredient labels to buying safe packaged foods.

3. Batch cook like a boss

Maria Marlowe shares the benefits of meal prepping for the upcoming week.

4. Plan your outfits in advance

Head straight to your closet and use this as your inspiration for office-dressing ideas.

5. Incorporate a new bedtime ritual

Wind down before calling it a day with an indulging mask or night cream.

6. Sleep early

Start the week on the right note by catching enough zzz’s.