What to Pack for a Long Day of Travel

Hint: choose minimal pieces with maximum versatility.

The best (and sometimes worst) part of the holidays is seeing all of your far-flung friends and family. Whether you’re going by train, plane or automobile, the essentials to any travel ensemble are style and versatility. You want to be carrying the least amount of stuff while simultaneously being prepared for any situation. Here, our in-house stylist puts together a carry-on that will get you out the door and on your merry way in no time. Travel Must-Haves and Tips #IvankaTrump

Jacket + Socks + Flats

Opt for layers. A good jacket instantly upgrades your travel ensemble. The soft tweedy knit and ponte-blocked sleeves provide comfort with a cool-factor. Wear flats to the airport and then swap them out for a pair of cozy socks once you get to your seat.

Salve + Spray + Spritzer

Hydration is crucial, especially in dry climates like the inside of a plane. The Rosebud Salve is an amazing go-anywhere moisturizer. Dry Bar’s Dry 3-1 is a major multitasker: a volumizer, texturizer and dry shampoo, in one easy-to-transport bottle. Kiehl’s In-Flight facial mist will help calm irritation and bring back your dewy glow.

Sleep Mask + Inflatable Pillow

The inflatable pillow is genius—it hardly takes up any space in your bag. The sleep mask is a must for helping you zone out and relax amidst a crowd of companions.

Headphones + Charger

The Frends headphones are great for long trips. They fold up into a small pouch and rest over your ears so you can wear them throughout the entire ride (take that, chatty neighbor). A Mophie charger is another essential. Your phone will undoubtably run out of battery the moment you arrive at your destination and need to coordinate a pick-up with your sister. Use it to juice up your phone or your iPad. From the Ivanka Trump Collection: Tweed Asymmetrical Blazer and d'Orsay flats.