Hot Mama: Olivia Chantecaille

When time is of the essence, the beauty maven insists, it’s all about the eyes.

Olivia Chantecaille For French-American beauty maven and philanthropist Olivia Chantecaille, flawless skin and glossy hair is just part of the job. The creative director of Chantecaille Cosmetics grew up in the family business—her mother Sylvie founded the company in 1997, after successfully launching beauty brands with Diane von Furstenberg and Estee Lauder, and Olivia’s father, brother and sister all hold leadership positions in the organization. With a young daughter of her own, Olivia is working to further her family’s business, give back to her community (in both France and the U.S.) and get enough sleep at night to banish the inevitable dark circles that come from living the life of an international jetsetter. Olivia Chantecaille Motherhood Tip