9 Office Party Etiquette Tips

Rule #1? Have fun.

Holiday parties are a time to celebrate the year’s successes and reflect upon everyone’s hard work. While they’re a chance to let loose and get to know your coworkers outside the office, it’s important to remember that, at the end of the day, it’s still a work event. You don’t want to end up being the subject of water-cooler gossip the next day, or even worse, contacted by HR. So how do you stay professional but still have fun at the hard-to-navigate work function?

Here are our team’s rules for surviving the office party:


Abigail Klem, President

“My rule of thumb is no more than two glasses of wine, but if you feel tipsy after one, then switch to sparkling water.”


Kelly Del Sordi, Licensing Director

“Photos are a great way to capture your office culture and dynamic in a relaxed setting, just keep it light. Don't document anything that shows your colleagues in a less than flattering angle. Social media posts are fine, as long as the parameters for tagging and hashtags are discussed up front. Happy snapping!”


Morgan Pekera, Licensing Coordinator

“Bring a plus-one only if it’s on the invite, thank the organizer and avoid tequila until the higher ups leave. Have fun but remember you have to go back to work with everyone on Monday morning :).”


Jackie Keehan, E-Commerce Director

“I don't believe office holiday parties are meant to completely let your hair down and go crazy. It is important to build as a team but not to go overboard.”


Jackie Zaffarano, Concept Design Manager

“It's good to show up close to the start time for a party with a limited time frame. For a party that may start early but will go late into the night, it's ok to show up a little later.”


Francesca Farrugia, Senior Marketing Manager

“Don’t discuss anything you wouldn’t at the family dinner table!”


Carly Levine, Senior Marketing Coordinator

“We work in a very small, tight-knit office where dancing takes place almost on a weekly basis, so it’s definitely expected at our office party. Make an informed decision on dancing based on the formality of your office and the vibe of your holiday party.”


Batsheva Loeb, Marketing Assistant

“Keep your outfit classy. Always think ‘what would I wear on a normal day?’ Then, elevate that.”


Marissa Valerio, PR Samples Coordinator

“I wouldn't leave earlier than two hours after the party starts just to make sure you're able to greet and mingle with all your coworkers, and your employer knows you appreciate being a part of it.”