Weekly Clicks: Office Hacks

Tips, tricks and time-savers to make the workday run smoothly.

Weekly Clicks: Office Hacks

1. Run errands from your desk

Use Postmates to pick up drugstore essentials, a birthday gift for your niece and lunch from your fave takeout place.

2. Get polished ASAP

Call on Manicube to get ready for your after-work event, stat.

3. Sit up straight

An ergonomic expert shares advice on keeping your spine healthy, even while you sit at a desk all day.

4. Pump up the jams

Equip your office with Sonos, and the whole team will be able to share playlists and control the music.

5. Stay focused

When the music gets to be too much, try these tips for staying focused in an open office space.

6. Protect your eyes

Stop your computer’s light from from straining your eyes by downloading f.lux, an app that gradually balances your screen’s blue light throughout the day.

7. Come prepared

Put together your own #WomenWhoWork emergency kit, inspired by some of the awesome women we’ve featured on our site.

Image Courtesy of Ivanka Trump. Photographer: Kenneth Grzymala