Weekly Clicks: Office Etiquette

Improve your workplace manners.

Weekly Clicks: Office Etiquette

1. Get a workplace etiquette primer

Rue shares a few basic dos and don'ts.

2. Be a team player

Take a hint from Ivanka and our Entrepreneurs in Residence on how to work well on a team.

3. Make conference calls more enjoyable

Yes, it can be done. Get Fast Company's tips (complete with a hilarious video).

4. Manage conflict gracefully

Use these tips to resolve problems effectively.

5. Be considerate in meetings

Follow a few simple rules to make your in-person touchbases better for everyone.

6. Modernize your manners

Watch this video (from Amy Poehler’s "Smart Girls" series) about handling office Facebook friendships, text etiquette with clients and more.

From the Ivanka Trump Collection: Floral Dress

Image courtesy of Ivanka Trump
Photographer: Kenneth Grzymala
Model: Jayden Robison
Hair & Makeup: Ashley Rike