Your Advice for Making Resolutions Stick

Our Facebook fans share their tips for starting 2016 off right.

New Year's Resolutions

Happy (almost) New Year! We can’t wait to jump into 2016. In the spirit of starting fresh, we’ve set resolutions—which you can see here on the site tomorrow—and turned to our Facebook fans for their advice on actually making them happen. We'll be putting the great tips below to good use. How about you?

"Take one day at a time!! Commit to small steps leading toward your goal. Everyday counts." — Marjorie Mac Donald

"Create achievable milestones, reward each one achieved and then set a higher reward for reaching the final goal." — Laurie Brown

"My birthday is in the beginning of December so I make my New Year's resolutions before my birthday. I take the rest of the month to make a habit of these changes and to do the steps it takes to achieve them. Then when January rolls around, my resolutions become easier to keep up!"Rachel Vague


"Write down your resolution/s in a journal and keep track (also by writing down) your success towards those resolutions throughout the year."Aryn Lesher

"Share your resolution(s) with someone important and close to you." Brett A. Edens

"I rewrite my annual Vision and Mission statement in late-December or early January. It requires me to assess my progress and shortcomings from this year, so that I can revise them more realistically for my changing life situations." Molly Darden

Try our art director, Katie’s, no-fail tip—turn your resolutions into a desktop background so you see them every day. She shared her template with us: Just download it here, fill in your resolutions, save it as a JPEG and make it your wallpaper so you can stay on track all year.