Weekly Clicks: Networking Guide

How to make lasting, genuine connections.

Weekly Clicks: Networking Guide

1. Recent grads, listen up

Steal a networking tip from personal branding expert Rachael Bozsik that'll help you land your first job.

2. Be a LinkedIn All Star

Get tips for perfecting your profile that'll make you 40-times more likely to be contacted.

3. Create your own networks

Learn the three types of networking that Harvard Business Review swears by.

4. Master the cold email

Make sure your message gets opened with these dos and don'ts.

5. Offer your help to others

The best way to network is through giving—not asking for—favors.

6. Hear from a pro

Read The New York Times' profile on Shelley Zalis, who started Girls Lounge, where women can boost their careers and help each other do the same.

7. Make lasting relationships

Don’t forget to keep in touch!