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Get the highlights from their interview with Ivanka.

The lovely MyDomaine team stopped by #IvankaTrumpHQ a few weeks ago to tour our office space and interview Ivanka about her work habits, family life and career advice. Get the top takeaways below, and see the full tour and interview here! Tour #IvankaTrumpHQ with MyDomaine

Our office is an extension of our brand

It’s very in tune with our aesthetic—feminine, not too girly, polished and functional. I think it’s been very fun to watch it evolve and develop. We’re very focused on our collective mission as a brand to inspire and empower women, so we brought that into our environment. For example, we have a kids’ area for our visiting children. Tour #IvankaTrumpHQ with MyDomaine

We surround ourselves with inspiration

I work side by side with our creative team, social team and design team. It’s fun for me to work with our designers on patterns and colors, and have our ideas for upcoming seasons pinned on cork boards all over the office. We really live with the inspiration and it’s always around our editorial and art teams—I think that is very cool and fun.

Tour #IvankaTrumpHQ with MyDomaine
Tour #IvankaTrumpHQ with MyDomaine

I’m a morning person…

I get up really early and try to get everything done before the kids wake up—I exercise or meditate, shower, get ready and read the papers before they’re up at 7 a.m. Then we have breakfast as a family and I take them to school a couple of days a week. The benefit of less sleep is having that chunk of quality time before getting to the office quite early.

...and I like an old-school to-do list

I like carrying a notebook with me. I'm more inclined to remember things when I write them down. I’m on my phone and computer so much that I don’t want another reason to look at them. I jot down miscellaneous things I want to accomplish, so that they’re not just floating around in my mind and distracting me. Tour #IvankaTrumpHQ with MyDomaine

Your 20s are for career experimentation

Find what you’re passionate about doing, because I’ve never encountered anyone who’s wildly successful who doesn’t legitimately love what they do. If you are content, that’s probably not good enough. Try different industries and fields. Don’t stay at a job where you can’t see yourself in the long term just because. Read the entire piece online at
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