Monday Morning Checklist

Start off your work week right.

Monday Morning Checklist

1. Wake up early

Going to sleep early on Sunday and getting a good night’s rest is integral to starting your Monday morning off right.

2. Get in a quick workout

Exercising gets your circulation going and helps you stay alert. The endorphin rush will boost your mood, too.

3. Arrive early to work

No snoozing allowed. Beat the commuters and get into the office early. It’s the best time to get work done before you’ve got emails to answer and meetings to attend.

4. Clear your desk and desktop

Start out with a clean slate each week. Make sure you organize and prioritize tasks, tidy up your office supplies and file away papers.

5. Carve out time for unexpected projects

Expect the unexpected. Build some extra downtime into your schedule in case a coworker needs help with a task or you have loose ends to tie up from last week.

6. Greet your team and boss

Of course you should do this every morning, but it is especially important on Monday mornings. The friendly discourse reinforces a sense of community and boosts everyone’s morale. Take a few minutes to chat with your co-workers about their weekends and catch up before getting down to business.

7. Update your to-do list

Keep current on your priorities for the day, week and even month or year. The to-do list should be made up of day-to-day tasks, as well as long-term goals.