The Skill Set: 5 Tips for Mixing Work and Family

Maya Crothers, a work-­from-­home entrepreneur, has figured out how to juggle without losing balance.

Maya Crothers, a mom of two and the founder of Circ­Cell Skincare, runs her luxe, non­toxic beauty line from her family’s home in quiet, outdoorsy Jackson Hole, Wyoming. She shares her advice for mixing work and family, making time to care of herself and creating a balanced, full life.



The Skill Set: 5 Tips for Mixing Work and Family

1. Compartmentalize

You feel like you’re being pulled in several directions constantly. I mentally divide my responsibilities into three areas—my business, my family and personal care, which includes exercise, maintaining relationships and that sort of thing. You’re not going to naturally cover all three every day, so you need to consciously decide how best to nurture each area. Often, it all mixes together. Sometimes, I’m doing all three at once—I’m taking care of my family and I’m thinking about a business issue and we happen to be outside hiking, so I’m getting in my exercise.

2. Be flexible

Not every day will have a perfect balance between your work, family and personal needs. Some days you’ll wake up thinking, “This is what’s going to happen today,” and that’s not what happens because you get a call from the school or your pipes break. Don’t stress about it or be hard on yourself; allow yourself to deal with whatever surprises come your way, guilt-­free. And know that your family will come first, before your business or yourself.

3. Decide what deserves your attention the most

We’re a small company so I’m always having to decide, “Do I focus my time on sales or do I focus my time on product development?” There’s never enough time, so I make a choice each day about where to spend the time I have, based on which areas of the business need me the most.

4. Put things away before they’re done

It’s really hard for a type­A perfectionist to do, but, at some point, the computer just has to go away. If one of those three areas (work, family, and personal) is monopolizing my time, I tell myself that it’s time to put it away. That product I’m developing may not be perfect yet, but it’s time to stop for the day so I can go work out.

5. Make exercise a priority

There are so many psychological and emotional rewards that come with exercise. It’s not just the physical fitness benefits—going outside and getting my heart rate up clears my head. I’ve had many “aha” moments that way. Even if I’m not necessarily out there thinking about whatever the problem is, the solution often just comes to me. It also makes me calmer so I can be a more attentive, patient mom.


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