Weekly Clicks: Memorial Day

Turn the music up—it’s a three-day weekend.

Weekly Clicks: Memorial Day

1. Have a picnic

Pack your basket with summer noodles and watermelon coolers using easy, delicious recipes from Huckle & Goose.

2. More of a BBQ fan?

Heed Jamie Oliver’s ten tips for grilling the perfect feast.

3. Pour the bubbly

Cap the night off with a champagne popsicle.

4. Wear all-white

If we’re following the rules, it’s the first day we can wear it—celebrity stylist Melissa Garcia shows us how.

5. Blast some tunes

Heading on a road trip? Fill the gas tank, stock up on snacks and play a pumped-up playlist.

6. Pack like a pro

We challenge you to fit everything in one small duffel bag. Go!