How to Grocery Shop Like a Nutrition Coach

Nutrition and holistic wellness coach, Maria Marlowe, taught #TeamIvanka a thing or two about healthy living with a recent trip to Whole Foods.

#TeamIvanka recently had the pleasure of going grocery shopping with holistic nutrition and wellness coach Maria Marlowe. She took us to Whole Foods in Columbus Circle and dropped some serious nutritional knowledge on us. Did you know radishes are amazing for your skin? Or that Brussels sprouts fight cancer? Or how to tell if you’ve found the elusive perfect avocado? Yeah, we didn’t either. The whole team left the grocery store with pages of notes, inspired to put Maria’s tips into practice. We were so inspired, in fact, that we've asked Maria to join us on the site regularly, to share her wealth of nutritional expertise in more detail. #TeamIvanka Maria Marlowe Grocery Shopping In her upcoming columns, you can expect expert advice on eating and living well, based on these three main principles that Maria considers essential to good health.

1. Make plants account for half of your diet

Vegetables and fruits are not only full of essential vitamins and minerals that we need for optimal health, but also fiber, which is the key to feeling full while maintaining healthy digestion. When we spent the afternoon with Maria, she asked us, “Who here has eaten five cookies in a row?” We all raised our hands. Then she asked us, “Who’s eaten five apples in a row?” Crickets. That's because apples, unlike cookies, are loaded with fiber and nutrients, which act as built-in portion control. Plant-based foods allow us to effortlessly manage how much we're eating without counting calories.

2. Drink more water (for real, though!)

You’ve heard this a million times, but do you really get eight 8-oz. glasses each day? Next time you’re about to hit that 2 p.m., post-lunch wall, instead of caffeinating, try drinking two or three glasses of water. You’ll be shocked at how incredible you feel. Water boosts our energy by sending oxygen to our cells, flushing toxins from our bodies and hydrating us from the inside out (hello, glowy skin). Produce

3. Cut the refined sugar

Fat doesn’t make you fat—sugar does. It causes inflammation in our body, and even our skin (hello breakouts!). It’s known to depress the immune system and fuel the spread of cancer. It spikes our glucose levels, causing our energy to spike and then quickly crash. In short, sugar is the worst. The good news is that there are lots of plant-based replacements that’ll satisfy your sweet tooth, like coconut sugar (it tastes the same, we swear!), raw honey, maple syrup and dates.

P.S. Stay tuned! Maria will be hosting a Q&A on our Facebook page, so start making a list of everything you've ever wanted to know about nutrition.