What Does A Licensing Manager Do?

Meet our wheeling and dealing multitasker, Kelly, and see how she spends her day.

From Kelly:
I went to LIM and studied Fashion Merchandising. I stumbled across licensing and loved the duality of creativity and business the role provided. At that time, licensing wasn’t as well known as it is now, so it was the road less traveled amongst my peers. I secured an internship in the field right away and that’s how I eventually landed my first job! My advice to anyone starting out in fashion is to find an area of the industry that piques your interest and to dive headfirst into it with internships.

As Ivanka Trump's licensing manager, I like to take a holistic approach to our many product categories to ensure we’re enhancing the brand and adding value to the community we’re building around women who work. Licensing teams within the industry tend to stay lean and mean, so we wear many hats! I bridge most of the communication from our business partners to the internal team, so I help to manage everything from product development to marketing and sales. I ensure that our strategy is consistently executed across all of our product categories. I'm involved from the product development stage (making sure are partners are on track with our deadlines) to the retail stage (providing brand assets, like packaging) and beyond (tracking sales) with the intent to grow our success.

No two days are the same! When I’m not in meetings, you can usually find me communicating with our partners or analyzing reports. Part of what I love about my role today is working for a brand that stands for something so relatable, relevant and inspirational. We’re authentically looking to service our community with compelling content and solution-oriented product that can genuinely make their lives a little more seamless. And that's pretty exciting.

From #TeamIvanka’s Desk: Kelly Del Sordi

What’s on her desk?

1. Most of my files are digital now, but contracts are still easiest to read when printed out.

2. I try to repurpose objects whenever I can, like using this candle holder for my paper clips. It breaks up the rest of my more traditional workspace.

3. Math isn’t my strong suit, so I reasoned that having a more whimsical calculator would make that pill a little easier to swallow. It kind of works!

4. I’ll take any excuse to break out a highlighter. Sometimes you just need a pop of color to brighten up an intense spreadsheet.

5. These are my go-to boots! I can throw them on when I’m dashing around NYC, jumping from one meeting to the next. I still feel stylish, professional and, most importantly, comfortable!

6. I like to infuse my own personal style and interests into my workspace. It helps keep me grounded, especially when I look up and see my kids' faces!

7. My husband, Mike, is a graphic designer and Jessica Hische is one of his favorite illustrators. I bought these postcards to leave little notes for him around our house.

8. I spied these amazing, handmade, decorative Japanese arrows on Instagram and Macgyver’d my way into tracking down a retail store in the US that carried them. (I’m really good at that!)