Weekly Clicks: A Guide to Interviewing

Knock ‘em dead.

Weekly Clicks: Interviewing

1. Start on the right foot

Ivanka answered your questions on making a good first impression. It's crucial.

Weekly Clicks: Interviewing

2. Get a primer

Brush up on executive coach Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin’s essential interview tips.

Weekly Clicks: Interviewing

3. Get in your interviewer’s head

We broke down a Bloomberg study on what recruiters are really looking for in a candidate.

How to Look Polished for an Interview in the Dead of Winter

4. Look polished

We’ve got a guide to looking professional and capable, even when it’s sub-zero out.


Weekly Clicks: Small Talk

5. Make good small talk

According to one study, your ability to make casual conversation with your interviewer is more important than you think—brush up on your small talk skills.

Weekly Clicks: Interviewing

6. Hear from Ivanka

In another installment of her #AskIvanka column, Ivanka answered your questions about common interview conundrums.