From Ivanka’s Desk: Countdown to Baby

See how Ivanka’s preparing for maternity leave.

From Ivanka: When you’re running a company (or several!), you don’t really “wrap up” projects—even if you are planning to go on maternity leave at any moment. I’m spending my last few days in the office helping to set my teams up for success and empowering them to operate autonomously in my absence. While I've made it clear that I will still be available to them for important decisions and urgent matters as they arise, I have been asking my teams to use their judgment when seeking my input. My growing family is my greatest joy, and yet, I’m also incredibly connected to my work; it's very important to me. It was hard for me to prepare an “out of office” auto-response for my email. It doesn’t come naturally to me to tell people that my accessibility is limited. I have gotten better with this following the birth of each child, but it still goes against my nature. One of my New Year’s resolutions this year was to take a meaningful maternity leave—and I am excited to actually do it! It will just require some discipline on my part! From Ivanka’s Desk: Countdown to Baby

Arabella and Joseph are so excited for the arrival of their new sibling. Life with two is chaotic and amazing; I can’t wait to experience life with three! From Ivanka’s Desk: Countdown to Baby From the Ivanka Trump Collection: Floral Fit & Flare Dress, Mesh Stripe Dress, and Carra Pumps My company, Ivanka Trump, is growing faster than we could have ever imagined; we’ve outgrown our office space for the second time in two years! I’m currently working with our art director to finalize the layout and design of our new, larger space. From Ivanka’s Desk: Countdown to Baby Instead of having several design meetings for each of the different projects I’m overseeing, my director of interior design, Gia, tries to bundle these discussions so we can knock out several tasks at once. Here, we’re working on selecting the finishes and fabrics for the spa suites at Trump Chicago, refreshing a few of our residential lobbies in NYC and picking a design direction for the presidential suite at Doral. We're simultaneously gearing up for the completion of Vancouver, Washington D.C. and Rio de Janeiro in the coming months. We're getting close, but there's still quite a bit of work to do to finalize those projects and prepare for their openings. It's a busy season into which to welcome a baby, but I love a challenge and thrive on the energy. Now, all that's left is this little one's arrival!