See Ivanka On the Cover of Town & Country

Sneak a peek at her candid interview from the February issue.

Ivanka- Town And Country Photographed by Max Vadukul for Town & Country Ivanka is Town & Country's cover girl for the February issue and she did a candid interview about her growing family, #WomenWhoWork and the sure-to-be-eventful year ahead. The issue is officially on newsstands today; pick up a copy, read the interview by Tim Teeman on Town & Country’s site and get the highlights (and a peek behind the scenes) here!

It's natural to feel torn between work and family

Like most working moms, Trump worries that she doesn't spend enough time with her children. 'Everything you choose to do outside of being with them has an opportunity cost that's much more real than the choice of hanging out with your girlfriends after work,' she says. 'It was a real source of anxiety when I had just had Arabella. And she was such an independent child—I was reading about separation anxiety, and she just didn't have it,' Trump says with a laugh. 'With Joseph, I was embarrassed when my husband started calling me out on liking that he cried every morning when I left.'" Ivanka Trump in Town & Country Photographed by Max Vadukul for Town & Country

Millennials take work home with them

"The ability to move fluidly between professional and personal worlds is paramount. 'If you're older than 45, you experienced more of a distinction between home and office,' she continues. 'You weren't getting e-mails at three o'clock in the morning. You probably weren't getting calls from your boss on a Sunday when your kids were crying in the background.'"

There's no right or wrong way

"'I abhor this question of having it all,' Trump says. 'People talk about balance. Balance is an awful measure of things, because it implies a scale that inevitably tips. I like to look through the filter of 'Is the life I'm leading consistent with my priorities?' For me, my family is the ultimate litmus test,' she says. 'Do I feel I'm giving my children what they need? But I don't do everything. I wouldn't be able to do what I do professionally if I did. I don't go to the afternoon classes. I don't take my son to the sports playgroup in the middle of the day. For some people that's a compromise they aren't willing to make, and I respect that.'...'One of my goals is not to preach how to live a great life,' Trump says earnestly. 'I'm not saying that if you're working at home, raising a family, that's not work. I want to disrupt the narrative around what it means to be a woman who works. The whole point of my brand is that women should be architecting the lives they want to live.'" Ivanka Trump in Town & Country Photographed by Max Vadukul for Town & Country

Focus, but keep an open mind

"When was 18 her ambitions were focused but narrow, she says. 'It was, 'I'm going to build x number of buildings.' ' What maturity has brought is the realization that her ambitions remain big 'but much less specific, because you never know where life takes you or what opportunities will arise.' And there it is, yet another glimpse of something inherited from Trump père: the faith that something bigger and better—maybe even the best—is always just around the corner." Read the entire piece online at